Standard Accessories


The Zmetrix ST600 ships with all the accessories you will
need to begin taking production measurements. From
foot pedal to reference standards, the accessories
you need are included in the purchase price.


ZMetrix provides a comprehensive line of probes  for taking impedance measurments.  To find the pin configuration for your requirement, refer to the ZMetrix Probe Guide.

IP-S-50-1  :  50 ohm probe
IP-D-100-1:  100 ohm probe
ZMetrix provides 2 semi-rigid reference standards with every unit shipped.  

ACCST-211  :  50 ohm semi-rigid standard
Semi Rigid
Foot Switch
ZMetrix provides a USB dual-rocker foot pedal with every unit shipped.

ACCST-300  :  USB Footswitch
Torque Wrench
ZMetrix provides a .45 Nm SMA torque wrench with every unit shipped.

ACCST-310  :  SMA Torque Wrench
SMA Torque Wrench
ZMetrix provides 3 coax SMA, and 1 USB cable with every unit shipped.

CBL100         :  SMA Cable - 3 ft. (qty -3)
  CBL101         :  USB Peripheral Cable - 3 ft.